IRA contribution and Deduction Calculator

IRA Contribution and Deduction Calculator

You can make contributions to your tradtional IRA regardless your income. But if you are covered by a retirment plan at work and your modified adjusted gross income is above a certain level, your contributions will be phased out, even entirely nondeductible in some cases. You can use our IRA calculator in planning your contributions to your IRAs.

Tax Year:
Filing Status:
Deduction for your IRA contribution
Your tradtional IRA may be tax deductible. the deduction may be limited if you or your spouse is covered by a retirement plan at work and your income exceed certain levels.
Traditional IRA Taxpayer Spouse
1a Were you covered by a retirement plan? 1a
1b If MFJ, Were your spouse covered by a retirement plan? (if MFJ, you must check one) 1b
2 If MS, did you (or your spouse) live together within last 12 months? 2
3 Are you (or your spouse) over 50 years old? 3
4 Maximum contribuiton limit for the year 4
5 Earned income for IRA contribution purpose. 5
If MFJ and you are the lower income spouse (less than $5,500 or $6,500 if aged 50), include your spouse's earned income reduced by his or her tradtional and Roth IRA contribution for the year (Adjustment)
6 Modified AGI for determining your reduced tradtional IRA deduction. If MFJ,enter result in both columns 6
7 Deductible IRA contribution based on filing status and MAGI. 7
8 Enter traditional IRA contributins made or that will be made by due date to your IRA, but not mure than maxium limitation. 8
9 Deduction for traditional IRA contributins. 9
10 Nondeductible contributins to tradional IRAs. 10
11 Roth IRA contribution limit. 11