Capital gain and loss Calculator

Capital gain Tax Rates

Tax rate on capital gain depends on what kind of capital assets you invested in and how long you held the assets. People who hold stock investment for more than one year can get a significant advantage. Short term capital gains on stock investments are taxed at your regular tax rate; qualified dividends and long term capital gains are taxed at zero for 10% and 15% tax brackets and 15% applied for between 25% and 35% tax brackets. A new 20% rate applied for the 39.6% tax bracket since 2013. Also beginning in 2013, an additional 3.8% Medicare tax is taxed on on net investment income, which is income from interest, dividends, tax exempt bond interest, royalties, rents and capital gains, among other things. This tax applies to taxpayers with modified adjusted gross income that exceeds a threshold ($250,000 for married filers and $200,000 for singles).

Tax BracketCapital Gain Tax Rate
Short Term Long Term
10% 10% 0%
15% 15%
25% 25% 15%
28% 28%
33% 33%
35% 35%
39.6% 39.6% 20%

Capital Gain Tax Calculator

Not only people they have investments can take advantage of the low tax rate, they also have choices when they recognize the gain. Use our capital gain tax estimator to calculate your gains and losses for investments to figure out your tax.

Tax Year:
Filing Status:
Your taxable ordinary income: $
Total short-term capital gains: $
Total short-term capital losses: $
Total short-term capital loss carryover (if any): $
Your net short-term capital gain or loss: $
Total long-term capital gains: $
Total long-term capital losses: $
Total long-term capital loss carryover: $
Your net long-term capital gain or loss: $
Your Tax on "ordinary income": $
Federal tax on your net short-term gain: $
Federal tax on long-term capital gain: $
Your total federal tax: $
Your deductible capital loss: $
Your tax saved from capital loss deduction: $
Your net long-term gain over short-term loss: $
Your tax on net long-term gain over short-term loss: $
Your net short-term gain over long-term loss: $
Your tax on net short-term gain over long-term loss: $

More about Capital Gain

Not all of your long-term capital gains are taxed at the prefer low rates. The amount of tax you pay on a capital gain depends on the kind of asset you have.

Type of long-term assetMaximum capital gains tax rate
Gain on real property attributable to straight-line depreciation. 25%
Collectibles (stamps, coins, etc.) 28%
Gains on collectibles and small business stock (Section 1202 stock)