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To Be or Not To Be A U.S. Resident Alien

Residency Status Is Important

The first thing you must know to file your tax return is whether you are a resident or nonresident for U.S. tax purposes. If you are a foreign national, you can be either a resident alien or a nonresident for tax purposes. If you are a resident alien, you are taxed like a U.S. Continue Reading »

U.S. Taxation of Foreign Corporations

The United States imposes income taxes on foreign corporations only if they are engaged in business in the United States or receive income from sources within the United States.  In general the rules governing U.S. taxation of a foreign corporation’s income is the similar as the rules for a nonresident alien.

Entity options for a foreign corporation engaged in US trade or business

“ or business” is not defined in the tax code or regulations. Continue Reading »